Save the Sawfish
Sawfish - The Sawfish

- The Sawfish -

One of the most fascinating creatures in the sea, endowed with a long saw-like protrusion, this bottom-dwelling relative of the skate can sense even the faint heartbeats of tiny prey buried in the sand. With quick thrashes of its "saw" at other fish and schools of minnows, the sawfish injures or stuns it's prey for an easy catch to dine.
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Sawfish Saw - the Cause

- The Cause -

Over the years, commercial fisherman and loss of habitat have almost wiped out the sawfish species. Exploitation of this magnificent creature for it's saw has also brought the sawfish to brink of extinction. There are only a few thousand sawfish remaining and are classified as "critically endangered."
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MG Towers - The Event

- The Event -

Fine artist and marine scientist, Guy Harvey will be hosting a fundraising event held at MG on the Halifax in Daytona Beach, Florida to kick off the international campaign to "Save the Sawfish." Limited only to the first three hundred fifty people to register, this elite event will feature informative presentations, good food, a live concert, open bar, and more.
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